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Free for Today Only

(Barnes & Noble Classic Series) Gulliver's Travels is free for today only. Get it here.

Also - if you didn't already know - They are offering one classic a week in addition to the "free friday" book. So far all of the classics, (including Gulliver's Travels) were issued for free at some point during the summer. If you missed out on some of those, you may want to keep an eye out! (Of course, all classics are available completely for free in a variety of other places, but not the B&N editions.)

Is This Thing On?

Hello All!

I was just poking around LJ for nook-related comms and found my way here. But it doesn't look too terribly busy around here, does it?

There's a new firmware update in the works (just announced today!), which I'm crossing my fingers about - Barnes & Noble is talking about B&N Library Organization, but what does that mean?

Also, has anyone here softrooted their nook? Most of my e-books are side-loaded, so I'm eyeballing the whole softrooting thing and using Calibre to get some file organization. Thoughts?

What do you read the most on your nook? I'm a romance junkie, but I love the free Fridays so I can get a taste of something new. Has anyone found any good cookbooks for the nook?

Anyway, I know that's a bunch of questions, but I figured I'd poke in and see what happens. I LOVE my nook, and after five months I'm still giddy about it.

One Last Hurrah: B&N Free Classics

Link: bn.com/freelibrary

This week's theme is: By Popular Demand... Readers' Choice Collection

As far as I can tell none of them are repeats.

Important Note!
Unlike the previous weeks, these books will not be available for free all week. The offer ends on Tuesday, September 14th. :)

Free Books

Link: bn.com/freelibrary

This week's theme is Around the World in 5,792 Pages. No repeats from previous weeks.

I'm more posting because the book Hostile Intent became available for free earlier this week and will not be available for free tomorrow.

Late news but: you can get some books if you "download" nookstudy. You don't have to actually download or install it and it offers 12 classics. ALL of the books are repeats from the previous weeks, except with the possibility of Republic by Plato. If you missed previous weeks, it may be worth checking out. You can cancel the download before it actually starts and still be able to go to the download page. The books will duplicate if you already downloaded them from previous weeks, so you may want to double check what you have.


This Week's Classics!

Link: www.bn.com/freelibrary

The theme is: After Dark... Tales to Read Under the Covers

I've been waiting for this one! *^-^* Hopefully, they'll also do a mystery set as well.

Just a warning, one of the books listed is one that is given free when you register a B&N ebook account (either through downloading it to your PC or buying a nook). They might have changed the books that come free with it since then though.

Not listing them this week, but the link above should work. (I just noticed last weeks routed to something with LJ, which is crazy because the link address was the same as it was displayed.)

The 'Free Friday' book is probably the one by J.A. Jance that became available for free earlier this week.
Link: bn.com/freelibrary

This week's theme is "Women Who Inspired Us".

I had a feeling they would probably do a "women" theme, but I more expected it to be "women authors".
But to be fair, B&N has featured women authors for every theme. ;)

The Book ListCollapse )

Not sure on this, but this week's "Free Friday" book may be Billy Boyle. (If the link doesn't work search for "Billy Boyle" in the ebook section.)

I haven't read it (yet), but it's a mystery set during World War II. It was originally published in 2006. The book is a first in a series (surprise, surprise) with the latest book (#5) being released in September.

Free B&N Classics

I meant to post this much earlier, but back in July Barnes and Noble started offering several of their "Barnes & Noble Classic Series" books free each week. Yes, they are the actual (e)books, not the horrible Google Books versions. Every week has a theme and 12 books are offered. Some of these books have been given out on more then one week, so if you missed something one week there is a chance it will pop up again. (And of course, these are classics so they can be found completely and legally free in other places. I just like the nook's coverflow feature and try to grab what I can on it.) They update every Friday.

Link: www.bn.com/freelibrary

I wasn't paying attention to the fact there even were themes are first, but the past two weeks were "censored/banned" and "love stories".

This week's theme is "tearjerkers".
Books Under the Cut -to save your flistCollapse )

This seems a bit tacked on, but the main reason I'm posting is to ask if anyone knows what the themes of future weeks will be?
Unfortunately this doesn't apply for nook users (I honestly don't know why, it makes no sense). :[ But if you have the Barnes & Noble application on an iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, PC, or Mac and you show them that you're currently reading a book on it, you will receive a free tall beverage from the Starbucks inside of B&N (cold or hot).

The offer expires July 15, 2010. I don't understand this either: they say that the offer can discontinue at any time without notice. The beverage cannot be customized.

link to offer

* disclaimer: I went there today to get some coffee. It's not a beverage of your choice, it's black coffee. This sucks :|


Nook Update 1.4

Here is a review of the new Nook software update (1.4) by mossite. She has a bunch of nook reviews (even on softrooting).

What's new? [From B&N]:

★ Extended AT&T Wi-Fi Hotspot support — FREE and seamless connection to AT&T's entire nationwide WiFi network including restaurants, hotels and additional locations, and wherever you see an AT&T Wi-Fi sign.
★ New extra extra large font size
★ Go-To Page feature allows users to go to a specific page in their eBook

→ What would you all like to see an improvement on? Personally, I would like to see the ability to rotate the book to landscape mode, the ability to zoom in on PDFs (image-wise), and faster page turns.


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I'll be away from Thursday until sometime Tuesday. If your post is held for moderation, it'll be reviewed when I get back... :)



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