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question about lend me

so obviously it sucks with the lend me books you can only lend a book once to one friend. Is there a way to return the book before the 14 days is over? Or can you borrow more than one book from one person at a time?

Other Document Readers?

I hope I can post this question, it would be a big help to get answers...
I recently sold my Nook (and am regretting it!) because it was a first gen. touch screen with just the touchable buttons on the bottom, I was hoping to upgrade it, but have been extremely short on cash. What I wanted to know is, are there any other, really cheap and basic devices, that I can still read files on? Even if it can't read official ebooks, I have been dying to read fanfiction, but can't sit at my desk long enough. If I could find some kind of similar handheld device just to read word pad or other documents on, it would be a huge lifesaver. Thanks for your help! :)


What happens if you add a second Nook to your Barnes and Noble account?  When you buy a new book, does it download to both Nooks?


Quick question: Searching for this case!

Okay, I remember seeing a case on Amazon that was like $44.. something and it was a black case that, when closed, looked like a book. The inside cover was red. It looked like one of those fake books that people hide things inside of. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? I JUST looked this up yesterday and cannot find it in my history! :(

FOUND IT! It was on artfire, and it's $49.99.


Software Version 1.7 Now Available

New software update! Actually, I had no idea there was a 1.6 (if there even was one). I went on my usual ereading forum and found out that there was a new update! This software update only includes "a minor system update."

Update: Apparently there are some glitches. I have noticed the LCD screen is a bit sluggish and unresponsive at times :(


I've had my nook for a week or so, and I'm still figuring things out so if this has an obvious answer, I apologize.

Anyway, I read a lot of series, and some of them get pretty long. (Discworld and Animorphs to name two.) I use Calibre and when I was editing the data before adding them to my nook, I made sure to put in series titles and position, but it didn't translate when I put them on my nook. Is there any way to have the series' in order, short of adding the number into the title?

I hope that makes sense, and thanks in advance!

ETA: I figured it out. I had to create a plugboard and now it's working fine.


ebook lending

If someone lends me an ebook via the nook, will I be able to strip the DRM? I mean.. there has to be a file on the nook to be able to actually read the ebook, but I'm not sure what kind of file it would be and how I would locate it. It could possibly be a hidden file, which I could find, but I'm just wondering if anyone has tried stripping the DRM of an ebook someone lent them with his/her nook. Thanks!


I think we all knew a new one was on the horizon, but B&N has finally announced the new nook!

I think it's kind of ugly. :/ It looks like a lot of other things that are available out there right now. Not that the look of the thing should matter, I'm just a bit disappointed because the "1st edition" nook is so damn sleek and pretty, I figured the second installment would be along a similar vein.

Also, apparently this one is also wifi only like the nook color. I didn't know until today that the nook color didn't have a 3G version, so that was news to me.

And the good stuff:

-They got rid of the color screen.
:( I love my pretty little color, but I can respect this decision. I know it's the screen that causes the original nook to have a "poor battery life" at least compared to other ereaders. (I've had my nook for a year now and have never had a battery problem. YMMV)

-It's EINK!
I was getting tired of seeing the nook color only updates. I know, I know. They are probably going to release a "nook color 2" next year and there more then likely won't be any updates to the original nook (the only update I want is cover support for sideloaded books - which I doubt they will ever do), but I like that they will actually be focusing on promoting eink products.

-They are doing some sort of nook social network?! I'd love to see how this works and I REALLY hope they extend it to the original nook and nook color.

Your thoughts?

More Free Classics

This Presidents' Day, spend some of your time--but none of your money!--with the men and women who shaped America's literary and political identity through these cherished Barnes & Noble Classics, now available for free for a limited time.

B&N has 13 classics up for grabs. Some of them are repeats, but some aren't!

You can find them here!

$20 B&N giftcard for $10 @ groupon


I figured some people here might be interested.

The "catch" is that whatever portion is not used by April 11, 2011 will be reduced by $10 as it will expire at that point.



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